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The Conference takes place in Lisbon at the Lisbon Congress Centre, located in the heart of Lisbon, in an area easily accessible by bus, tram and taxi and about 15 minutes from the airport. The room 3A in Pavilion 3 of the congress centre is reserved for the CHIST-ERA conference. Note that the CHIST-ERA conference has a registration system separated from the IoT week. You need to register for the CHIST-ERA conference at the entrance of Room 3A, not at the central registration for the IoT week.

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with a contemporary culture that is alive and thriving and making its mark in today’s Europe. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of the rare Western European cities that faces the ocean and uses water as an element that defines the city. Lisbon enchants travelers with its white-bleached limestone buildings, intimate alleyways, and an easy-going charm that makes it a popular year-round destination.


Postal address

Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
Praça Indústrias
1300-307 Lisboa



Portugal’s largest international airport is the Aeroporto da Portela (IATA: LIS) located between Loures and Lisboa. In general, if you are arriving by plane in Lisbon and it is still day time, it is almost always better to use public transport – buses or the metro system – to your hotel or final destination. The airport information desk at Lisbon airport can provide you with all the required information.

  1.  - Aerobus operates three routes to main spots of the city. The tickets cost €3.50 (10% discount when bought online and printed). 
  2.  - Metro costs about €1.90 from the airport to any place in the city centre. The daily pass costs €6.00 (plus €0.50 for the reusable card) and is valid for 24 hours after first activation, good on all public transportation (metro, bus, electrico).
  3.  - Taxi costs about €10 from the airport to the city centre.



A list of recommended hotels and respective distances to the conference venue can be found on the following webpage:

Note: The rates indicated are for the attendees of the IoT week, but these hotels can be also booked on standard booking websites.