Call Topics & Countries

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Topics of Call 2015

Note: the short topic descriptions below are provided in view of the conference. The full topic descriptions, to appear in the call text, will result from the conference.

1. Security and Privacy in Internet of Things

The current IoT vision is grounded in the belief that the steady advances in microelectronics, communications and information technology witnessed in recent years will continue into the foreseeable future. However, technical flaws and threats of intrusions might significantly lower the benefits of the new developments. Traditional protection techniques are insufficient to guarantee users’ security and privacy within the future unlimited interconnection. There is a widely acknowledged need to guarantee both technically and regulatory the neutrality of the future internet. Moreover, all aspects of security and privacy of the user data must be under the control of their original owner by means of as simple and efficient technical solutions as possible.

Keywords: Internet of things, Smart objects, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, Big data, User privacy, Security, Information protection, Trustworthiness

2. Terahertz Band for Next-Generation Mobile Communication Systems

Within a decade a 1000-fold increase in wireless communication traffic volume is expected, requiring increased throughput and data rates. Although usage of already allocated spectrum frequencies should be further optimised, the Terahertz (THz) band, which remains largely unexplored and is yet unallocated for frequencies over 275 GHz, offers new possibilities. The development of cutting edge low-cost THz devices has recently started, and new network concepts have the potential to cover the connectivity requirements of 5G systems. However, further research on Terahertz band transceivers, antennas, channel models and networking techniques is needed towards the realization of efficient and practical THz Band communication networks.

Keywords: Future wireless communications, Terahertz communications, Terahertz waves

Anticipated Participation of Funding Organisations

The definitive list of the participating funding organisations will be published in the call text in October. The table below provides indications only.

Note that the CHIST-ERA network of funding organisations is open to new members and is growing over time. Only funding organisations belonging to the current CHIST-ERA consortium appear in the table below. Interested researchers in countries not listed below are encouraged to contact their national funding organisation to express their interest.

 Country Funding organisation
Participation status
Contact point
 Austria FWF Considered (checking with contact point is recommended) 
 Belgium FNRS
 Belgium FWO
 France ANR
 Germany PT-DLR/BMBF
Not considered
 Italy MIUR
Not considered 
 Ireland IRC
 Latvia LZA
To be announced 
 Luxembourg FNR Not considered 
 Poland NCBR
Not considered 
 Poland NCN Considered
 Québec (Canada)
Not considered
To be announced 
 Sweden VR To be announced  
 Switzerland SNSF Considered
 United Kingdom
EPSRC Considered 
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